Height:  5'2"         Hair:  Grey         Weight:  170         Eyes: Blue

FILM (partial list)    
Mischievous Case of Cordelia Botkin Support Cat Youell - USC
Nebraska Lead Phil Hodges - USC
Life.. Young Beth Byrd Support Maarit Nissila - AFI
The Rhapsody Lead The Rhapsody Players / Max Cusimano
The Marriage of Heaven & Hell Lead Letia Miller - AFI
Looking After Support James Notari - AFI
Man of the House Support David Kern - AFI
Growing Season (Deauville Fest) Lead Jenny Bright - Spheric Prods.
Guido Takes a Hike Lead Joseph P Tobin - Tobin Films
A Cinnamon Roll Story (1st Look) Co-Star Heather Ragsdale - Ragsdale Prod.
Falling Elephants (1st Look) Co-Star Mary James Ketch - Ketch Prod.
Best Laid Plans Co-Star Mike Barker - 20th Century Fox
Eye for an Eye Co-Star John Schlesinger - Paramount
Down the Rabbit Hole Co-Star Fernando Calderon-Kirin Plaza Osaka Flms
The Blob Co-Star Chuck Russell - Tri Star
Everybody's All American Featured Taylor Hackford - Warner Bros
TELEVISION (Partial List)
Mom (#'s 109-110) recurring Betsy Thomas, Jeff Greenstein - CBS
General Hospital (epis 12866, 67, 68) recurring Bill ludel, Scott McKinsey, Phideaux Zavier - ABC
Perception (Alienation) Guest Star Greg Beeman - ABC
Criminal Minds (Heathridge Manor) Co-Star Matthew Gray Gubler - ABC
Love's Christmas Journey Mrs. Price David S. Cass, Sr. - Hallmark
G4TV-e Co-Star Ross Beeley - G4TV
ER (The Honeymoon is Over) Co-Star Christopher Chulack - Warner Bros
House (Merry Little Christmas) Co-Star Tony To - FOX
Passions Under Five Peter Brinckerhoff - NBC
Close to Home (Pilot) Co-Star Simon Wood - Warner Bros
Million $ Mys (Black Market Babies) Co-Star Jeff Lengyel - FOX
Young and the Restless (multiple) Guest Star Kathy Foster/Sally McDonald - CBS
General Hospital Guest Star Shelley Curtis - ABC
Unsolved Mysteries (Lost Loves) Guest Star Mark Cole II - NBC
New America's Funniest People Guest Star David Harrington - ABC
THEATRE (Partial Listing)
Steel Magnolias Ouizer Penny Moore - The Missing Piece
A Flea In Her Ear Olympe Julie Sanchez - Knightsbridge Theatre
Grapes of Wrath Grandma Carolee Doing - Knightsbridge Theatre
The Outskirts of Paradise Frita Adam Legg - Alliance Repertory Company
Dead End Mrs Moppeletti Nicholas Martin - Ahmanson Theatre
Coming to Life Janette Anna Stremese-Freemont Center Theatre
Sex, Real People Talk Emma Fred Sanders - The Zephyr Theatre
Richard III Duchess of York Gregory Von Dare - The Secret Rose
Twelve Angry Women Juror #9 Susan Kitchen - El Portal Circle Theatre
Helen Hayes Backstage (One Woman Show) David L. Avcollie - Various Venues
Arsenic and Old Lace Abby George Stratton - Glendale Centre
The Curious Savage Ethyl P. Savage George Stratton - Glendale Centre
Hamlet Reynaldo Debra Wastling-Torrance Cultural Arts Ctr
Love is for the Byrds Grandma Birdie Ellen Wheeler - Glendale Centre
Porch (Drama-Logue/Perf) Dot Jan O'Conner - Toluca Lake Players
One Flew ... Cuckoo's Nest Nurse Ratched Susan Melman - Lafayette Theatre
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Big Mama Susan Melman - Lafayette Theatre
The Foreigner Betty James Fontenot - Abby Players
Fiddler on the Roof Yenta Richard Smith - Smith Productions
Pippin Granny Joann Mantelbano - Grant St. Theatre
ACTING: Craig Wallace, John Sudol,Laura Gardner, Barbara Gannon, John Kirby, Stephan Rudniki, Arlene Golonka
IMPROV:  The New Barbarians, Avery Schreiber, Marsha Meyers, Consenting Adults
DIALECTS: Cajun, Southern, Texas, Jewish, Irish, General American
ACTIVITIES: M.A., Teacher, Weaving/Spinning, Fabric Arts, Lapidary/Silversmith, Archery, Stick Shift,Bowling